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Convenient Mountains
Future Underground

Convenient Mountains is Jaizi Abadania and Keith Whiteman, Seattle, Washington

Jaizi Abedania
A native of the San Francisco Bay Area, Jaizi migrated to Seattle in the year two thousand and five. There, she cultivated an appreciation for passing rain showers, extra-long summer nights, and youth empowerment through community arts activism. She has worked as a teacher of textile, mural, and photographic arts for many years, and has met a plethora of talented and inspirational individuals along the way.

Jaizi served as percussionist for several Seattle and Olympia-based outfits until her move homeward in 2010. She feels fortunate to have traveled the country-- alongside some of her best friends—as a road-wandering, sleep-deprived, touring musician. She suggests you do the same: pack up the van, send some postcards, and explore this vast and weird territory we call Home.

She is currently in Pill Wonder (Seattle, WA) and her former bands include Moonstruck (Olympia, WA), Playboy Millionaires (Davis, CA), Dance Party U.S.A. (New York, NY), Coquet tes (San Mateo, CA)

Keith Whiteman was raised by domesticated wolves. He has been in Arbitron, Ear Dumbs, Championship Belt, Hair Friend and Grave Babies.


Jungle/Surf 12”, Underwater Peoples Records, 2010 (limited edition cassette released on Wild Animal Kingdom Records)
GBGBV (Guided by Guided By Voices) compilation, WAKR-WAKR, v. 2 mix-tape compilation
forthcoming split 7” on WAKR

Live from the Crocodile, Self Released
WAKR v. 1 mix-tape compilation

Convenient Mountains