• 2017
    1.13.17 Soundings: Protest|Politics|Dissent, Power House Gallery, Duke University Durham, NC (Exhibition)

    2.28.16 Sounding Room, Locust Projects, Miami, FL (Live Performance/Recording)
    3.21.16 Sounding Room, Locust Projects, Miami, FL (Live Performance/Recording)
    4.18.16 Sounding Room, Locust Projects, Miami, FL (Live Performance/Recording)

    12.3.15 Extreme Weather, Murmur, Atlanta, GA, (Exhibition)

    2.22.14 southXeast: contemporary southeastern art exhibition, Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, FL (Exhibition)

    9.11.13 NJP: THE ARCHIVE, RVA Street Art Festival, Richmond, VA (Exhibition)
    08.03.13 NJP: THE ARCHIVE, COOP Gallery, Nashville, TN (Exhibition)
    06.03.13 NJP: THE ARCHIVE, Merged Music Series @ HI-HO Lounge, New Orleans, LA (Video Screening)

    3.23.2012 NJP: THE ARCHIVE, The Norton Museum of Art, West Palm Beach, FL (Exhibition)

    12.03.2011 NJP: THE ARCHIVE, Tom Tom Magazine Art Basel, Churchill's, Miami, FL (Video Screening)
    10.30.2011 NJP: THE ARCHIVE, Gainsville FEST 10, Display Gallery, Gainsville, FL (Exhibition/Recording of NJP The Archive: Volume II)
    03.18.2011 NJP: THE CAR KIT, Tom Tom Magazine/Cape Shok @ SXSW, Baby Blue, Austin, TX (Exhibition/Recording)
    04.29.2011 NJP: THE ARCHIVE, Plus+ Gallery, Gainesville, FL (Exhibition)

    03.21.2010 NJP: THE CAR KIT Temple of Boom SXSW, Okay Mountain Gallery, Austin, TX (Exhibition)
    06.12.2010 NJP: THE CAR KIT Art in the Open Exhibition, Philadelphia, PA (Exhibition)
    06.15.2010 NJP: THE CAR KIT Cinders Gallery, Brooklyn, NY (Exhibition)
    06.26.2010 NJP: THE CAR KIT Waterloo Arts Festival, Cleveland, OH (Exhibition)
    07.09.2010 NJP: THE CAR KIT Worksound Gallery, Portland, OR (Exhibition)
    07.29.2010 NJP: THE CAR KIT Sonoma County Museum Santa Rosa, CA (Exhibition)
    08.06.2010 NJP: THE CAR KIT Needles and Pens Gallery, San Francisco, CA (Exhibition/Performance)
    09.24.2010 NJP: THE CAR KIT Center for Fine and Performing Arts, University of West Florida, Pensacola, FL (Exhibition/Performance)
    10.30.2010 NJP: THE CAR KIT The Fest, Plus+ Gallery, Gainesville, FL (Exhibition)

    2010 Summer Tour
    On this tour, Anthony Hlavaty and I traveled the United States to record 16 collaborative tracks for NJP The Archive: Volume I. It was a great honor to work with each of these artists.

    06.01.2010 Rymodee, Chattanooga, TN (Live Performance/Recording)
    06.03.2010 The Ghost of John Cage, Black Mountain College, Asheville, NC Live Performance/Recording)
    06.08.2010-06.12.2010 AIO @ The Schuylkill River, Philadelphia, PA Live Performance/Recording)
    06.15.2010 Chica Vas, Brooklyn, NY (Live Performance/Recording)
    06.16.2010 dubknowdub, Brooklyn, NY (Live Performance/Recording)
    06.17.2010 Zachary Lehrhoff, Brooklyn, New York (Live Performance/Recording)
    07.03.2010 Jaizi Abadania and Keith Whiteman, Seattle, WA (Live Performance/Recording)
    07.04.2010 Slaughterhouse Rose, Seattle, WA(Live Performance/Recording)
    07.12.2010 Oregon Painting Society, Portland, OR (Live Performance/Recording)
    07.23.2010 Adrian Chi, Los Angeles, CA (Live Performance/Recording)
    07.28.2010 Garrett Pierce, Davis, CA (Live Performance/Recording)
    08.01.2010 Jenny Arson, San Francisco, CA(Live Performance/Recording)
    08.05.2010 Terry Berlier, Paulo Alto, CA (Live Performance/Recording)
    08.06.2010 Old Friend, San Francisco, CA (Live Performance/Recording)
    09.24.2010 Balder-, Pensacola, FL (Live Performance/Recording)