Valerie George built a recording studio inside her 1983 Mercedes wagon. She toured the country under the moniker Nam June Psyche, recording collaborations with other artists, soundmakers, noisemakers, landscapes, soundscapes, and the rain.

With a nod to the spirit of Alan Lomax, and the forty-year history of the D.I.Y. music community, Nam June Psyche set out to document and archive a visual and aural collaboration with artistic experimenters within the ever changing American landscape.

The Mercedes was wrecked in 2011, but the archive from these wanderings endures, and she has exhibited albums, tape sets, videos, sculptures, drawings, and photographs that she created with the audio-visual material collected on her journeys.

Valerie George is a sculptor who uses expanded media to explore sonic, social, environmental, and cultural phenomena. She is particularly interested in the complex place where the following concepts merge: popular culture and sub-culture, sonic performance and musical entertainment, public and private space, place and non-place, urban and rural environments, and lastly, the archival document and the art object.

Nam June Psyche