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Chica Vas, Brooklyn, New York
Te Quiero

Chica Vas is the brain child of Siri Wilson and Erin Weckerle. Wouldn't it be grand, they mused, to be in a band with all your friends, especially when those friends are some of Brooklyn's finest lady musicians and artists? What began as a one-off show/fashion extravaganza became a monthly gathering, with each person bringing her own individual musical/vocal/spiritual/percussion talents into the mix. A Chica Vas "rehearsal/show" is more like a ecstatic musical experiment, it's different every time...but always awesome.

Members include:
Arabella Kauffmann (Taigaa), Christina Bouza (Boy Scout), Cici Harrison (Astrid Pierce), Elizabeth Sun (Gogol Bordello), Emi Kariya (Hard Nips, Kocho Bisexual), Erin Weckerle (Sodafine), FonLin Nyeu (Dragons of Zynth, Knife Skills), Jee Young Sim (Taigaa, Boveda, Jee Day), Katie Eastburn (Katie Eastburn, Young People) Kelie Bowman (Hot Box), Mindy Abovitz (Hot Box, Taigaa), Olivia Wyatt, Monika Heideman (Xylos, Monika H), Paula Henderson (Moisturizer), Sue Ro (Lone Wolf and Cub), Shannon Funchess (Light Asylum, A Rose Parade, !!!), Amanda Choo Quan, Siri Wilson (Treehouse)


Te Quiero Split with Pink Stallone, Generatto Records, 2010

Chica Vas