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Garrett Pierce, Davis, California
Everybody Breaks

Garrett Pierce moved all over the San Fernando Valley as a child, occasionally dipping into his father's collection of Joni Mitchell and Van Morrison records. He wrote and sang for rock bands throughout his youth, but returned to a more hushed and literary style of songwriting once he moved to the Bay Area. Garrett first released In His Arms in collaboration with producer/mixer Eric Ruud (Sholi) – a bare bones, confessional of "earthy pop gems" (S.F. Aquarius). His next record Like A Moth featured diverse arrangements and contributions from former San Francisco luminaries, Jolie Holland and Matt Bauer, and is "filled with the sort of oblique yet emotionally satisfying wordplay that is reminiscent of a Murakami novel" (Santa Cruz Metro).

His newest record All Masks is a dedication to ceremony and ritual. Though he spends much of his time in San Francisco, Garrett chose to record this third record in the seclusion of the Sierra Foothills. All Masks exists as a testament to the individuals who gathered around these stories: one barn, many good friends and a little too much whiskey at times. But altogether, the album represents a time of great creativity, engraved in wax or performed on a stage not too far from you.


City of Sand, Crossbill Records 2011
All Masks, Crossbill Records 2009
Like A Moth, Crossbill Records 2006
In His Arms, Eric Ruud 2005

Garrett Pierce