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Volume Five
Volume Five



Tiana Hux-vox
Natalie Hill-Guitar
Lisa Cameron- Drums
Greg Rhoades-Bass/Moog
Charlotte Belle-Background Vox

1. Fire! Run Through the Night
2. Gimme dat Dog
3. Vixen Song
4. Outfitz
5. TXass Rock
6. Properfukt

Tiana Hux began writing songs and performing as MC Sweet Tea in 2002, between Austin, TX and New Orleans, LA. The live shows combine performance art, burlesque, puppetry and hip hop. This body of work culminated in the 2005 release, Story.

One month later, she evacuated New Orleans with Hurricane Katrina, relocated to Los Angeles, CA and then eventually returned to Austin and New Orleans. In New Orleans 2010, MC Sweet Tea debuted Animal Ball, a fairytale hip hopera/hero's journey performance and 10 song cycle about this path.

The first half of the songs on the Nam June Psyche Volume V are from Animal Ball and the second half are from Story. Tiana Hux formed the Head Band in early 2011, in order to make this recording at Valerie George's request. This is their first performance.