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Sounding Room is a collaborative installation of audio sculptures spearheaded by artists Felecia Chizuko Carlisle and Valerie George.
Volume Six
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Nam June Psyche: Volume VI

All of the live performances for Sounding Room 2015 at Locust Projects were recorded courtesy of Nam June Psyche. The ARCHIVE VOLUME VI/Mourning the Glacier was created by meditating on all of the artists' recurrent conversations surrounding nautical metaphors while sifting through the recorded material from all three performances.

"I set out to create an aural narrative that brought to life all our emotive responses to the sounds of the the melting glacier (which can be heard as the baseline for almost every track) our experimental instruments, and the visual tone of the space. The result is an album that introduces a cast of electrified characters whose voices call to and from the sea."
Valerie George

Sounding Room: Mourning the Glacier

1. Call Me to the Sea
2. Song of the Electric Whales
3. Wailing Winds
4. Song of the Electric Eels
5. Drunken Sailors
6. Plank Walk
7. Song of the Electric Mermaids
8. Capsized
9. Dreaming Adrift the Lost Sea